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Rabbit Grooming - tips.

  • Rabbit breeds have one of four types of hair :- normal fur, satin fur, rex fur, and wool fur - found on Angora rabbits.
  • Grooming Rabbits is important as they shed hair every three months, one shed will be light and hardly noticeable the next will be a really heavy shedding of hair, which may lead to bald patches. 
  • Using the correct brush for your rabbit is important as the skin underneath the fur is very delicate. 
  • Long haired rabbits are difficult to groom so trimming the hair should be considered to a length of 2.5cm.
  • Rabbits generally do not need bathing. If you must bathe your rabbit, do not use human shampoos, and try and restrict bathing to the specific area only. 
  • Regularly checking your rabbits ears for wax build-up or dirt is important. Do not use cotton buds or swabs in the ear. 
  • Rabbits nails need regularly checking and trimming back, although not weekly. Care needs to be taken when trimming the rabbits nails. 
If you would like to find out more about these useful tips on rabbit grooming, contact Tracey, or book your rabbit in for a professional rabbit grooming session. 

Rabbit Grooming in Salford

If you are looking for a specialist in Rabbit Grooming in Salford, Tracey at Hot Dogs Pet Grooming should be your first port of call. 

Owner of two rabbits herself, Spot and Whiskers, Tracey has the professional expertise combined with the foresight of a pet owner to understand the importance in effective rabbit grooming to help protect them from infection by clipping their claws and cleaning their ears, along with treating the discomfort that can be brought having matted fur.

For more details on Hot Dogs' Rabbit Grooming services in Salford - call :

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