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Hot Dogs Pet Grooming -  Prices  

Dog Grooming 

(these prices are based on an average Full Groom)

  • small breeds & short hairs breeds (eg staffs, short haired jack russels, chihuahuas)        - £15 - £20
  • small breeds (eg shih tzu, lhasa apso, yorkies, king charles, westie)                                 - £23
  • medium breeds (eg cocker spaniels, bichons, poodles (toy and miniture))                         - £25
  • large breeds (eg standard poodles, labrabors, airedales, kerry blues, retrievers)                    from £30.

Cat Grooming

Cat grooming (incl. bathing, shave off where necessary, nails clipped.) short coat                 from £15 
                                                                                                 long coat                  upto £35


Cat nails clipped is £6 if brought in or £10 if done at the clients house.

Rabbit Grooming

Rabbit grooming is totally dependant on what needs doing. 

Service can vary from a full demat to just nails or teeth clipping. 

Prices start from just £6.

All prices dependant on coat condition.

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