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Client Testimonials.

"Very pleased with service Hot Dogs provide. Prompt collection/delivery. Excellent care with my dog. Excellent Grooming. Would never consider taking my dog anywhere else."

                                                       - Linda with Kizzy

"I've been using Hot Dogs for over 2 years. Bailey is very settled and loves Tracey's pampering. Bailey suffers from a skin complaint and Tracey caters for her every need. Excellent service and brilliant with Bailey. Thanks so much." 

                                                        - Kate with Bailey

Dog Grooming in Salford

Hot Dogs Pet Grooming offer high quality dog grooming in Salford and the surrounding areas. 

The dog grooming service includes: 

  • Bath
  • Coat cut to owners spec. where possible
  • Knowledge of the most suitable look for each breed.
  • Ears plucked/cleaned
  • Dematting (usually involves a full shave off)

All dogs left with Tracey have the free run of a secure garden whilst waiting to go home, and Tracey also offers home visit and groom while-u-wait services to suit.

To book Tracey for her dog grooming services in Salford, call 
            0161-745-7601 or 07950 184 775
                Or fill out the contact form below.

Dog Grooming Services