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Cat Grooming Tips. 

  1. For short-haired cats groom weekly, using a fine-toothed metal comb, of rubber brush to remove dead hairs.
  2. Gently brush the hairs away, stroking in the direction the hairs grow.
  3. Use the bristle brush to sweep the hairs up in the direction of the head, then brush it back down again.
  4. Groom long-haired cats daily using a steel comb. 
  5. Knots can be teased out with your fingers, or cut out with blunt-ended scissors. If you are unsure, call Tracey.
  6. Helping your cat to groom is important, if it proves to be a struggle though, talk to them reassuringly, and maybe offer a treat to distract their attention. 
Hopefully these little hints and tips will give you the basics on how to groom your cat. However, bringing your cat to a professional cat groomer will help you understand more about your cat, and help maintain their health and mental well-being. 

Cat Grooming in Salford 

Cats love to groom themselves.  In some cases as much as 50% of its time awake is performing some sort of grooming behaviour. 

Allowing a cat to groom itself too much can lead to fur-balls or, more overly, you may be missing out on signs of illness. 

At Hot Dogs Pet Grooming, cat-owner Tracey offers one of the best, and most affordable cat grooming services in Salford, giving your cat the required grooming and giving you tips on how best to assist with the grooming of your cat at home. 

If you are looking for a cat groomer in Salford, or your cats claws clipping, call Tracey on :

0161-745-7601 or 07950 184 775

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