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About Tracy

Salford-based Hot Dog's owner Tacey has held a lifelong fascination of all types of breeds of Dogs. Tracey believes this fascination led to her understanding and recognising how each and every breed of dog should look. 

Animal-lover Tracey decided nearly a decade ago that this fascination should become her profession as she trained to be an animal groomer. 

In 2006 Hot Dogs Pet Grooming was born to offer pet grooming services in Salford and the surrounding areas, focussing on dog grooming as well as cat grooming and rabbit grooming services. 

Why Use Hot Dogs Pet Grooming?

As a self-proclaimed animal nut and the owner of many pets herself over the years and today, Tracey fimly believes that all her clients should be treated as if they were her own pets. 

When you meet up with Tracey it is clear straight away your pet is in caring hands. This insight makes the whole task of grooming your pet a friendly and relaxed experience. 

With nearly a decades experience in dog grooming in the Manchester area, Tracey has rectified many situations other dog groomers and cat groomers have deemed as unable to be rectified, stating that the only difference was in the love and care those animals were shown. As Tracey says, understanding your dog, or your cat, is not just a pet, they are a member of your family. 

Tracey is also very competitively priced, which means that not only will your pet receive the very best service that only a pet-owner and animal lover could give, but it won't hit you hard in the pocket either. 

Tracey's Pets. 

Tracey is a proud pet-owner, below are her two cats, Wally and Misty, Chloe her Chihuaha, and her rabbits Spot and Whiskers!


 Find out more about the pet grooming services in Salford Tracey provides and how she can help you.

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If you are looking for a dog groomer, or cat groomer in Salford, get in touch with Tracey and see what she can do for you.

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